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  • Signups are on the calender. Just look for May 30th - 8pm PST and you'll find it.
  • Info and discussion about the event will be handled on this thread.

  • New URL - Old one automatically redirects here.
  • Updated all the links on the site I could find, if I missed any (you'll know if any don't work) let me know.
  • New Teamspeak and new Teamspeak Address (it is accessable via the button on the bottom right corner)
  • Split the PS2 manual into 3 sections, Infantry, Vehicle and Leadership, in order to make it look deceptively less intimidating.
  • Finished the Squad Level Infantry Sections of the manual. (Holy shit that was a lot of work)
  • Removed the interrogation process from the signup process.
  • Overhauled the application form.
  • Overhauled front page spiel that randoms get.
  • Bunch of little touches here and there.

Changing URL

Ace Rimmer posted Apr 27, 15  -  Clan Wide

Changing our URL to www.savage.pk and have inititated the first part of the process, unfortunately I have to wait at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next part of the process but once that waiting game is done I should be able to finish the process pretty easy.

If the site goes down sometime over the next couple days, relax, its just the internet gods being angry, I'll have everything smooth sailing ASAP.

In addition to this I will set up a redirect from this URL to our new one as soon as I can (and as soon as I figure out how =p)

I will also update our Teamspeak info with this new URL as soon as I can.

Moving to Stage 2

Ace Rimmer posted Mar 29, 15  -  Planetside 2

As detailed by the below post our recruitment target was 100 people. And we hit that earlier today. So what's next? Well long story short, we run a helluva lot of closed squads (and if we do run an open squad, it'll be no less than half [SAvg] and being much more selective with invites, probably just recruit enough to replace anyone we kick), teach good habits, and either train or weed out *all* the new blood to see who's got the gear. Sound like a plan? Let's get it done.

I'll be on near every day for the next couple weeks about 7pm PST, and I would really appreciate some vets to get on and help set a good example of whats expected. In addition, there is not at this point in time any set schedule for training, it will simply be run whenever there's enough untrained guys on and it's a reasonable time, I estimate it'll take about probably a month to get through the bulk of everyone, at which point we'll move on to 'Stage 3'.

This has been tuned a bit, this is the final form of our rebuilding process, to serve as a guide of what will be happening over the next few weeks.

Stage 1 : Recruitment. We've set our recruitment target at 100 Troopers, and we're most of the way there, should only take us another week to finish this stage.

Stage 2 : Training. Paperworks already done for this don't worry. Getting the core of the Outfit Solid by running em through basic training, in addition to running mainly closed squads. Any weak sperms will also be weeded out during this process. This should only take a couple weeks. The end point of it is essentially 'have we weeded out this crop of recruits, and is the bulk of them through training'.

Stage 3 : Polishing. This is a little more open ended. We'll also open recruitment back up in this step so we can build around that solid core, but it will also see the establishment of War Games exercisies, aka the second stage of Infantry Training. Modular things to go through on VR. Essentially setting up scenario's with 2 forces of our guys facing off against each other to figure out how to behave in certain common circumstances. These will be a helluva lot of fun to go through due to their competitive nature, but will also serve as a teaching tool. Once we've got a fair handle on War Games once its all been field tested, and have a pretty good workflow sorted out, me and Fox will have a chat, and will decide to call and end to the three stage rebuilding process, at which point it will be considered a resume of normal operations.

Sound like a plan guys? Lets get it done.