Would You Like To Know More?

Righto lads, you may of noticed I've only been on half as much as normal this past week, the reason for this is simple, I've been trying to refresh myself, leading everyday burns ya out, you really got no idea how much it burns you out, and since I wanna start recruiting, last thing I can afford is to burn out half way through a recruiting spree, so I've been taking some time off n getting ready to rock n roll. SO, what's the plan you may ask?

  1. First of all... I'm gonna get drunk. (14 drinks deep in that part of the plan so far)
  2. Secondly. I'm gonna recover from a hangover.
  3. Then. I'm gonna start a split between recruiting and training up new Officers to help me both recruit and train up new blood (prep works all there to get em to help me with training). Sound good? GOOD. Let's get it done. You whores.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

Edit : REMINDER! Need more people for server smash next month, open up the full page calender to the right of the screen, navigate to next month, set attending/not attending/maybe, book yourself in for that shit, ITE.


Corvosin I'd be happy to help lead a squad. Got a ton of experience leading open platoons too.

IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP, MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON TEAMSPEAK AT LEAST AN HOUR EARLY ON THE DAY, after that you can fuck off and fap or make a sandwich or whatever, just BE ON EARLY

Signed us up for server smash. Sat, September 12, 5pm PDT, gonna run a combined squad with TueT, need 6 volunteers, and as many spares as we can get, I'll pe picking the team from the most motivated people in attendance on the day. So sign up early, turn up early, and have ya game face on, and you'll be involved.

Post is up on the site calender, need SIGNUPS, you know the deal, you did it last SS, so get on there, set attending/not attending/maybe. Navigate to September on the site calender, click on the event, or click this (link) and get it done ite.

If your not sure how the timing translates to you check this out :

I gave our resident code monkey boldeagle3 the task of creating a video background, and he delivered! He's also gonna make some extra tweaks next weekend to hopefully get rid of the little play bar down the bottom of it and some other tweaks or whatever. Rock solid as it is though if you ask me.

He also showed me how to change what video plays, so I'm gonna crop a version later to get rid of those black borders on the side, least try to (currently it fits to full screen, so when your tabs n whatnot are visible, it shrinks the video a bit, so gotta try cropping it to a different aspect ratio or hell, just press F11).

We got some more custom code in the pipeline (some stuff to reduce clutter by putting modules on tabs, having a day video loop and a night video loop, general awesomeness, etc) so stay tuned!

Started off the modules for Stage 2 Infantry Modules. These will be expanded upon heavily.

Updated the notes for Officer Candidate School. It's starting to get close to where it should be, I'll run through it with someone then post up the final version. Gotta get it fresher in my mind to streamline it into what it can be.