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Ace Machismo posted Jun 28, 15  -  Planetside 2

Right, just about time to kick off the next stage of our rebuild, which means you guys need to download test server, we're gonna be using it for A, dead even inter clan scrims and B, modular training exercises (basically scrims in pre organized scenarios to train certain habits and so on),  how do you  download this test server?  EASY. There's a link under the Planetside 2 button the  top menu,install that and your good to go. Expect to have me putting a boot up yo ass to get this done over the next couple weeks lads. We'll probably do these sesh's once a week or thereabouts.

Also, while I've got ya here, once I've finished sorting it out with my Guinea Pigs, I'll have Officer Candidate School ready to go, if your up for that holla at me on TS and I'll train you up lads.

Ace out.

Grignack Do to a server crash, Myself and some of the lads got a kick-start on the test-server. the out Fits are: SAVG NC, SAVG T ...
Kilrim Holla

Change of pace this Saturday lads, get some beer n get yo ass motivated. We need to let off some steam before the next stage of our rebuild. So lets get drunk, talk shit, n shoot things, that's an order.

Planetside 2 Drunken Karaoke/Shit Talking Squad. Depending on what we feel like. 8pm PST Saturday.


(note, Friday op will still be super cereal, in addition we'll be field testing our new room holding SOP's, and possibly our new breaching SOP's, prepare your body for some learnin jethro. We will also be doing further field testing and refinements on that stuff throughout next week then get it all finalized and on paper.)

Kilrim Gonna be late work until 830. Gonna be home around 930ish
Rndmtsk $600 for internet, where the fuck do you live Corvo, Yellowknife? As for the topic at hand, I'm planning on being there ...
Corvosin I'll try to make it, had to lower my current net pack though. $600 bill so I cut it in half. Wish this was next week, ne ...

Updated the list of jobs that need doing, if you wanna help out around the place, n help stop me from going grey 10 years early, hover over the forum button on the top bar, under that you'll see a button that says 'Job Postings', click that. More people we have helping out lads, the quicker we'll get better, so if you wanna see us become what we can be, in addition to freeing up my brain so I can focus more on development than maintenance, pitch in, n lets make this wretched hive of scum and villainy what it can be.

Squad 10 Pack Reminder

Ace Machismo posted Jun 7, 15  -  Squad

About another half dozen guys have said they 'will' be contributing, just raising the money n all that, should still be room for 1 or 2 more if you GET IN QUICK guys, its the first 10 to pledge money who get in on this, gonna start pushing it hard, we got about 10-15 days left, and I'm gonna start rassling up the PS2 Outfit lads about it too, take us from 'just squeezing through' to 'competition for spots'.

All info regarding to squad, including videos and where to donate are found here :

Corvosin So what now? Can't play until July but what's the eta?
Ace Machismo 1 to go.

Party's over.

Ace Machismo posted Jun 5, 15  -  Planetside 2

Right, so after I finished the first draft of our squad level infantry system overhaul, I'll admit I took a few weeks of being slack, did dick in paperwork, but hell, I figured I earned it considering how much work was involved getting that far. However. Breaks over. Least for me anyway.

Gonna start brainstorming exactly what shape the following 4 things will take, once I've got everything weighed up in me head (I'm good enough now that I can do that), will start working on it and get this shit done.

  • Officer Candidate School.
  • Officer Further Tuition Guides.
  • Initial Stage 2 Infantry Training Modules
  • Phase 3 Recruitment Policy.

Papa's home,
Ace out.