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Mission Statement for this month is simple. Which is good, because I've designed it for simple people (you tits =p). Basically, I'm gonna train up as many Officers as I can, already got a start on 2, and my goal is to get a start on a dozen before the end of the month, so 10 to go. Already got an idea on most of em, but I reckon I still got a couple slots available, so if you want to get trained, PUT YOUR FUCKING HAND UP YOU WHORE, chase me down, yell at me, throw things at me, swear at me, do what you gotta do to chase down training. If you seem keen, I will take the time out of my day to put some learning on ya, I ain't wasting my time on passengers so meet me halfway 'ite, put ya hand up, and show some motivation. Let's do this boys.

In addition, I'll be hand picking the most motivated couple candidates and teaching them how to teach the grunts, and later on, other Officers, then extending this to the other candidates. As an Officer you will be expected to not only lead in the field, but if you want to progress to the next rank, you will be expected to learn how to put into place our systems of training. It's all about building that horizontal responsibility, and a self maintaining culture, know what I'm saying?

And yo, after we got a decent start on Officer Candidates, we're gonna start recruiting again. Probably month after this one. So stay tuned lads, soon as we get this core strengthened, shits gonna pick up pace.

I'm so fucking hard right now.


Ace Machismo posted Sat at 22:59  -  Clan Wide
Readded the motivational speech to the top bar, its under the info button. Prepare your anus.
I'll admit the start was more poignant when I still went by the name KILLFACE. Still a good watch though.

It only took me 6+ hours and more than a few Beers. But I updated the OCS notes. We're ready to start putting people through OCS now and start building up a respectable stable of Officers, BUT, I don't want to directly put any more people through it myself. My plan is to finish training up grignack, and teach him how to run people through it, then train those graduates how to run people through it. This also extends to our mission statement for the next month or two.

Over the next month or two my primary objective is going to be training up new Officers, and training those Officers how to run through basic infantry training, stage 2 infantry training and basic officer training, long term, getting that horizontal responsibility in our education is 'fundamental', and I'd like to get a start on that sooner rather than later.

Ace out.

I have added a few sections to the leadership manual, which brings both the Infantry Manual and the Leadership manual nearly to completion, the added sections pertain to the Philosophy, Attitude and finer points of the job, in addition to the already existing tactics and strategy sections of the manual.

Next up is writing up a guide on how to efficiently design new systems, and as an extention of that, how to draw up efficient training regimes that are both streamlined and polished in content.

I am also going to start polishing the initial level of Officer Candidate School, and start drawing up some notes on post OCS training, the timeline on these 3 projects I realistically estimate to be 2 weeks in total.


Daddy's home

Ace Machismo posted Jul 12, 15  -  Planetside 2


Sorry I wasn't around for a few days there. Me nets been dead 3 of the past 4 days, getting the ball rolling again though, and yo, if we get enough people with it on tomorrow, we'll drag everyone onto test server. Get some inter clan scrims happening. If you wanna prepare your body for this, look under PS2 on the top menu on the forum, scroll down to test server download, click that.

Daddy's home. Let's double down lads. Time to kick in another gear ey.