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Did a little write up on reddit that expresses it pretty well, check that shit nerds!


Helluva fun sesh too if you missed it. Ran combined platoon with [00], bout 30 of us running around, kicked ASS man.

TL:DR: The scale, the gunplay, all o dat is details. I play this game for the playerbase. You da real MVP.

Ace out. PEAS.

Weekdays we're gonna recruit, weekends we're gonna run closed squads. Time to expand again. GITSUM.

So this weekend, on the 20th (Friday), is the 3 year anniversary of PS2's launch. To celebrate, we're gonna be having a ho-down, wether the sesh is serious or casual, drunk or sober (90% chance to be a drunk sesh =p), maybe somewher in between (like your sexual preference) we'll decide on the night, see what we all feel like doing. If your still in touch with any old blood who ain't run with us in a while then let em know.

Don't forget too! Scrim with TueT on Saturday - 7pm PST'ish'.

Delaying scrim a week, too many of the veterans couldn't make it. And you just can't replace experience. Guys who know where to be, what they need to do. Ya can't buy that. So we're putting it off a week and doing it then. Redid the calender and signup sheet.

TheTiberon Shit found out for sure today that I could make it this weekend... Not sure about next weekend depends on when Saturday ...
Thompson153 This is a heinous crime. We should kill palo because of it.


Ace Kodiak posted Nov 12, 15  -  Planetside 2

Third year anniversary bundle is now available for Planetside 2. There's some cool stuff in it, but realistically, look at it as a $40 ($10 off) heroic boost and some trinkets. (6 months, 50% xp boost). There is some cool shit in there though, check it out!