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Started to get super hyped for Star Citizen again. Damn near thinking about gearing up for it, even if I told myself I wasn't gonna do the whole clan leader thing again. It's sorta like drinking. Once you recover from your hangover you wanna drink bad tequila and sing bon jovi all over again, except instead of bad tequila and bon jovi its headaches and being surrogate father to a bunch of idiots... But you know... in a good way...

What you boys reckon. You hyped? I got an Idris-P for us to use as a flag ship, I know some of the boys are stocked up for it, flakk for example ain't been shy with his spending habits.

Probably gonna be 6-12 months away from any meaningful release we can really sink our teeth into, BUT, I'm thinking we use the standalone FPS module Star Marine as a way to figure out our infantry play systems, then once Alpha 3 is out with the persistent universe and mission system we really double down and go heavy on it. What you boys reckon?

Now, as it's gonna be 6-12 months before its 'seriously' playable (though it is sorta playable now), we're gonna have to bide our time, to this end we're still gonna play a bit of planetside (I'm gonna start leading once a week again soon (watch front page for announcement in the next couple weeks) after a few weeks off from the game, though RSLParamount is still well and truly the main man in regards to PS2, it's his outfit now. Perhaps use Squad as a stop gap game between Planetside 2 and Star Citizen? I know Kilrim was sorta interested in getting something going for that game.

At the end of the day though. I've done nothing but drink and sleep for the past few weeks. And ignoring how that was my plan for today =p, I'm gonna start getting on around American Prime Time on teamspeak again, most days at least, and get some games of 'this and that' running. Killing Floor 2, Arma 3, Planetside 2, Squad, get an Ark server maybe? We'll figure something out.

Fair warning I might add, Planetside 2 is a very fast paced game with a more casual audience, as such I had to tune my leadership style to suit that. Star Citizen is a slower paced game with a more dedicated following, so you think I was a hard task master before? I'm gonna drill you fuckers then drill you some more. I want the tightest knit boarding crew around. Gonna have mother fuckers moving like a swat team if I run it my way. I got a whole bunch of shit I've always wanted to do, advanced footwork stuff, but never quite could within the framework of PS2. Concept of new shit to learn and teach has me hungry again, ya know? I'M READY TO FUCK.

TL:DR: after 4 odd years of being hardcore into Planetside 2. Next 6-12 months we're gonna transition to being more of a teamspeak community playing various games together (though there are still those balls deep into PS2, I just can't do it anymore personally, but I'll still put aside one day a week for a scheduled session for it 'once I've fully renewed'), then once Star Citizen enters a state worth focusing on, I'm thinking maybe we move over to that, really focus our efforts on it.

Sound good? What you boys reckon? Holla at me here, on teamspeak, whatever.

If your not in the Star Citizen org btw. Here's the link (Thanks to RC for giving us some text on the SC org page btw) : https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/BREAKOUT

If your not sure what the hype train is about with Star Citizen, check this out.

If you want something a bit more long form, this right here got my mangina wet and ready for fucking :

<3 u baiiiiiiiiii

Flakkjacket I am playing the shit out of this game 4 nights a week. In game handle is Old_Man_Winter ('cause I'm a cold ...
Ace Hole BTW. If anyone aint signed up for it yet, here's a referral key for ya batty, get some free cash : STAR-KBPV-7XSV
Rndmtsk Hell yeah I'm down for Star Citizen, been meaning to update to 2.5 to see how things are going. I reckon we probabl...

This Friday at 8pm PST I'm calling a general meeting to discuss the future of the outfit and community as a whole, figure out future direction, if any games interest us as a community, etc and so forth. Followed by Ace's last official session as outfit leader, before he hands the reigns to RSLParamount. If your at home, and able to get on. Get on. Even if you ain't played for a while. Let's get in one last hurrah for old times sake ey.

Tuet, VILN, SBoA, havoc and a few more. Want a decent showing online, and ON TIME.

This Thursday 7pm PST.

Pass it on.

(Oh while I'm here, basic rule of thumb, weekdays open squads, weekends closed squads. Need more volunteers for leading too, I'll coach ya up. Need some guinea pigs. Holla at me)

Been wetting me feet in leading a bit over the past week or 2. Considering diving back in.

To prepare for such an occurence. I began updating our training and education materials. The first of which to reach a 'completed' state is our basic infantry training, my aim with it was to focus on what I see people do wrong, and focus less on explaining the what and the why, and focus more on the how, the visual tells and thought processes that they go through on an instinctual level. Though there is a few areas I really wanna cut down on, and reduce bloat, though that's a lot easier said than done when your talking about teaching theory.

Check it out : http://www.savage.pk/forum/m/5895326/viewthread/27767191-basic-infantry-training-version-18

Next up, field testing it, figuring out how to turn it into 5 minute stand alone modules that can be taught to an open platoon, in addition to guidelines on how to run an open platoon. Then updating closed squad leadership training. After that? Hell. It's a long story.

Fuck it lads. Calling a week off from formal squads. We all need a chance to renew. So treat this as an excuse to jump on TS, grab the lads and go 'orite slag, you got 'this' game?'. Give us a good chance to underwind and whatnot.

Also this Friday we're gonna run a Space Engineers Survival Session. 7pm PST. Sharp. Jump on, we'll reset the server, and get our boogey on. Panic for oxygen, swear at the dude who crashed our ore hauler. All that fun stuff.

Formal squads officially recontinue on the 8th.